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In the port of DIEPPE,

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In DIEPPE, HUMANN & TACONET offers merchants a large array of logistics services for their international trade.

HUMANN & TACONET has driven the revival of the port of commerce, after the golden age of reefer traffics suddenly ended in 2006. At that time, the Chamber of Commerce, former manager of the port, was in need of a regional and shipping specialist to replace the outgoing operator and find substitute traffics.

HUMANN & TACONET, well known in the the shipping industry in Normandy and beyond, was ideally geared to provide the port authorities with the best guarantees of success for steady and long term development. For these reasons, HUMANN & TACONET was entrusted with the task of rooting new traffics in the port.

With valuable back up from Syndicat Mixte and customers, HUMANN & TACONET has developed a variety of traffics in the port of commerce, such as :

  • agriproducts
  • metal scrap
  • fertilizers
  • shredded tyres
  • timber
  • windturbing parts, heavy lifts, etc..

The whole range of services for international trade

Combining stevedoring, brokerage, customs clearance, freight forwarding and shipping agency services all within one organisation, HUMANN & TACONET offer their shipowner and cargo customers the whole range of services for international trade, in a one-stop shopping concept.


The port of Dieppe is one of the most flexibly organised ports in France, i.e. :

  • Vessels can enter and leave the port twice a day and be served upon berthing, starting anytime between 06h00 and 16h00 with the possibilty of working up to 20h00, and even later if completion of cargo operations is at stake.


Metal scrap
Schreded tires
Windturbine parts

Those are just a few cargoes Humann & Taconet handles on the port of DIEPPE.

Manutention portuaire.


  • Humann & Taconet
  • Quai du Maroc BP 101
  • F - 76200 Dieppe



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